Recent News

Jocelyn is on air!

April 27, 2021

Jocelyn will continue her academic career in NIH-Oxford PhD program from Fall 2021. Congratulations, Jocelyn!


Anthony (MSE senior capstone project) won at the 18th Annual UA/ASU Materials Bowl competition!

April 26, 2021

The senior capstone project by Anthony with the project of Cellulose-based Cyrogels for Microgravity Plant Growth was selected as the overall winner in annual materials design project competition between UA and ASU. Congratulations, Anthony! Also, congratulations to Sam and Zhu to successfully lead and guide the project!


Jocelyn is selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

March 25, 2021

NSF announced that Jocelyn is selected for GRFP.  Congratulations, Jocelyn!


Our project has been selected for the TLA Asset Development Award!

March 17, 2021

Tech Launch Arizona will support David's work to develop protein-based regenerative tissue scaffolds. Great job, David!